generates QR-code with stamps or rewards
scans QR with any smartphone camera without downloading yet another app
A DIY loyalty program as simple as stamp cards — but better
Doppio is the simplest way to set up a digital loyalty program. Ditch the paper and track actionable stats about your customers with the help of a single app.
Even easier to set up than stamp cards
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Download the Doppio app and enter your business name
Set how many stamps your customers need in order to get a reward — and you’re all done!
Add your POS device or employee devices if needed
Set up your loyalty program in just 5 minutes by following 3 simple steps.
Easy to use for you and your guests
No special equipment needed for you and your staff. Guests simply scan QR codes from your POS device to see their stamps. They do not need to download an app — any web browser and smartphone camera will do. Best of all: no more jumbled or lost paper cards.
Get actionable stats about your customers
Doppio gives you additional benefits that paper stamp cards don’t. You can track how many customers visit and how many return. Studies show that loyalty programs help cafes retain 32% more customers on average.
Keep guests coming back
Send personalized “thank you” messages to your loyal customers and bring guests back with rewards and reminders.

Turn your stats into profit!
Doppio is completely contactless.
Your safety is our top priority.
Keeping you safe
Get the Doppio app — get rid of paper cards and set up a modern loyalty program to retain more customers now.
Ready to get your Doppio?
It’s free for the first 3 months and $30/mo after that.
What our users say:
What our users say:
of business owners
say that their loyalty program members spend more than other customers.
LoyaltyOne Report

of customers
say they will adjust their spending behavior in order to maximize loyalty benefits.
2018 Bond Loyalty Report
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